About Me

S.S. Mitchell, Literary Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction author.

S.S. Mitchell is a Literary Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction author from London. She is passionate about writing gritty no holds barred stories which draw on the rawness of human emotion.

Sausages Motherhood and Other London Tales is her debut, a collection of short stories centred on the jaded lives of seven different women: A beleaguered teacher turns to her suddenly unaffectionate husband’s email inbox for clues. Elsewhere a lonely, uncelebrated woman makes the painful journey to visit her fading mother in a care home. We see a young mother who grew up in care agree to lunch with her estranged alcoholic mother, triggering old conflicts whilst a fallen sausage at lunch makes a new mother confront her postnatal depression. The stories offer a slice of insight into the issues of loneliness, marital issues, social isolation, depression and alcoholism from the seven perspectives.

As well as a writer, she is a blogger who offers tips on her craft and bookish things. She is also passionate about music and has performed in numerous soul and gospel community performances over the years. Her favourite place to be however is in the midst of one of her own stories, creating people and places.