Five Actions to Take When Writer’s Block Takes Hold

Any writer can attest to the fact that writer’s block is a tortuous predicament.

No writer ever wants it to happen to them but the truth is that if you are human, writer’s block is inevitable! The good news is that you don’t have to torture yourself by staying within its clutches. willing it to go away or metaphorically banging your head against the wall isn’t necessary- I promise. Back in March I wrote an article about how I find writing inspiration. The practices I mention can be used as back up tools when the dreaded writer’s block strikes. Any writer can attest to the fact that writer’s block is a tortuous predicament. that’s why it helps to step away sometimes and refuse to play ball. Step away? I hear you say. I can assure you I am not mincing my words with this specific solution to a writer’s universal dilemma. Here are my five suggestions for actions to take when writer’s block looms and dims your bright ideas.

Step Away!

When the thinking cogs aren’t working, never force them. Doing so merely adds to the feeling of frustration and helplessness at being unable to move forward.  It’s time to step away and reach for inspiration somewhere other than the crevices of your mind.

Go out for a walk and observe the weather and the smells carried by the breeze or the still air. Spot the signs of life as you walk past homes; something as simple as the whiff of laundry detergent or the aromatic spices of a homemade curry could spark an idea and set your writing wheels back into motion.

Have an Experience

Make a marked effort to experience something new: this is the fun part. You can be as adventurous or as in the box as you want. Been meaning to visit a different part of your city or refurbished establishment? A restaurant serving food you’ve never tried? Go! Drink in the sights and flavours, inhale life around you- feel the ambience.

On the contrary it could be something as simple as tasting that new Macchiato fusion you’ve been meaning to try. The flavours could strike a chord and catalyse a new idea- perhaps the sweetness reminds you of an indulgent childhood treat which could lead you to think about the associated emotions…think about what content you could conjure up from that single experience. Testing new waters in any capacity can stimulate new thoughts and thus ideas in the process.

Release Some Endorphins Through Exercise

Endorphins are the ‘happy hormones’ released after aerobic exercise. They lead to the onset of a positive feeling in the body that boosts energy, lifts the mood and can lower symptoms linked to mild depression and anxiety. It can also improve sleep.

Now think about the alleviation of all of these symptoms and the potential they have to hit a variable that could be leading to your writer’s block- Perhaps the stresses of life are clouding your creativity or tiredness is impacting your ability to conjure up or process new ideas. Raising your serotonin levels through exercise could potentially offer improvement in these areas. Even a slight shift in your mood could change your approach towards your craft during a writing session.

Read a Book

What better way to push Writer’s block to the side than to read the work of someone else who successfully beat it? They got through writer’s block and so will you once you give yourself the opportunity to step back, take stock and reup on your ideas.

Make Random Lists

Seriously. The more random, the better. List ideas could be anything from top ten desserts to five of your happiest moments to worst songs to dance to. These ideas might help you strike gold for your next article or scene/chapter outline. You could use the tiniest component from a list to help you develop your next piece of content. Forming multiple lists may help you to strike gold and even if they inspire nothing the first time around, you may go back and find that your next piece of content was staring at you the whole time- from that random list.

What do you do to help lift writer’s block and what action from this list are you going to try the next time it strikes? Let me know in the comments below.

19 thoughts on “Five Actions to Take When Writer’s Block Takes Hold

  1. Amy

    Found this really useful! When I get writers block I get it bad so I’m definitely going to bear these in mind next time it strikes. Thanks for sharing!

    Amy |

  2. Raheela

    Thank you, for this list. I’ve struggled with writer’s block. I usually will step away from the project for a few days and when I return, I can crank the whole thing out. So helpful to do. Raheela

  3. Aaliyah

    This post is really helpful. I definitely get writers block at time and I never know how to get myself out of it. Will definitely be coming back to this post! X

  4. Jenny

    I’m not a fiction writer but I’ve definitely experienced writers block with my blog and all of these points are great. Sometimes not thinking about it AT ALL is the best thing you can do!

    1. Writerlygem Post author

      Yep, I really advocate not getting into a twist about it and then beating yourself up about it like many of us do! Just step away and give it some time- ideas will flow eventually.

  5. Nancy

    I can relate to those writer’s block moments. Having an experience is one of my best ways to overcome it. You get a new perspective and new ideas can sparkle along the way. You can never go wrong with exercising either. It is good for your body in so many ways! Thanks for sharing all of these tips!

    Nancy ♥

  6. Life Travel Soul

    These are great suggestions. I usually just step away, and do something else. It’s frustrating, but I don’t want to force myself to write. Taking a walk outside, reading an inspiring book, trying out something different, and listing down ideas also helps me get into my writing flow again.


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