What Inspires Me to Write?

The beautiful glowing tones of the leaves, showy and shimmery before they make way for the icy winter are what I look forward to.

It is well and truly into autumn now and I must say that as a writer I find the season especially inspiring. The beautiful glowing tones of the leaves, showy and shimmery before they make way for the icy winter are what I look forward to. I wanted to share a list of several things that inspire me to write.

People and places

I admit to being a keen observer because I enjoy watching life around me. Strangely enough, because I enjoy bearing witness to mundanity, this helps me as an author of Literary Fiction. My genre isn’t about racy plotlines and exaggerated drama. In fact in this article I wrote, I discuss the fly on the wall perspective of the genre. Something as simple as watching someone call after someone who has dropped their wallet, or watching a person purchase something for themselves, no matter how simple can make you think in a writerly way.


I used to be a major foodie. I’m not sure what’s going on at the moment but I can never quite seem to get around to eating dessert these days. Nonetheless, the experience of food to me is quite significant and I enjoy inserting this into my narratives. I write more about this here. You can get lost in the texture of your food, it can spur on memories and give you something to look forward to. If it doesn’t inspire an idea, at best it can inspire some useful writing exercises!


Music is my first love. Writing was always there but came much later as something that I felt capable of doing. I don’t actually incorporate music into my writing sessions which probably sounds strange given my love of music. But that’s the thing, I love it so much that music wins every time! With that said, I find it much easier to use music as a resource for prompting and writing exercises.

As you can probably see, it doesn’t take much to inspire me to write. In fact, the more boring the detail and subtle the nuance, the more likely I am to actually pick up on it it’s a good thing I don’t try to write action packed stories!

Writers, bloggers, creatives what inspires you to write?

Let me know in the comment section!

11 thoughts on “What Inspires Me to Write?

  1. Mayah

    I just love this!! Inspiration is a wonderful thing to have as a writer and it’s nice to realise it doesn’t have to be big and grande. I know personally I often get inspired during the fall as well—It is such a beautiful and cozy time of year!

  2. Nancy

    It is great that there are a lot of different topics that inspire you to write. I am a people observer too, and seeing how people act is interesting because we’re all our own selves. Ooh, I can totally relate to you on food!! I love writing about my food experiences.

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  3. Jaya Avendel

    I was recently inspired by a book I read. Sometimes the tiniest little scene that makes me think of scared blue eyes looking up at me gives breath to my pen to write pages of a short story.

    An idea I love is, when coming across a tree that is beautiful or a line in a book that I love, is to write it down on a little piece of paper and drop it into a box. Then, when I am out of ideas, I can come back to all the little jewels in the box and find one that sparkles brightest to write about.

  4. Jen

    People for me are a big inspiration. I think, (as a mental health blogger), what would I need or want to read if I was a reader, especially someone who might be struggling.

  5. Mai

    I’m a fairly new blogger and just recently found my niche in interior design (home decor). I guess what inspires me to write is to simply help others create a beautiful and functional home space.

  6. Kate Duff

    I cannot not write! Writing gives voice to the muttering a of mind and heart – it brings me peace and energy and inspiration. I absolutely love it. I enjoyed this post.

  7. Amy Jane Cheong

    I love how you described writing about food lol, I’m the EXACT same with desserts.

    What inspires me to write is raising awareness. So if I can help at least one person through my experiences, I’ve done my job!

    Amy Jane x


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